From a young age we've been taught how important it is to fit into society. To be a productive member of society. 

You have to find your place in society and then just go to work and do your job so everything runs smoothly.

Is there another option though?

Most people will tell you NO. 

How else are you gonna make money?

You need to make sure to find a job that offers good benefits because how else are you going to live life?

"You gotta do what you gotta do"

"Your job is your job and your hobbies are your hobbies"

Any of this sound familiar?

Hearing all these things over and over made me look at most people like they are crazy..

Are you all really ok with this?

I wasn't.

The thought of having to live my life based on someone else's terms made me not want to be here at all. 

Our time here is very limited and the only job you have is to leave your mark once you are gone.

I know deep down you know you were not meant to follow. 

You were meant to lead.

You were meant to inspire.

As long as you remain a "good" employee...all you will ever get is more work.

The system will do everything it can to keep you enslaved.

So lead. Create. Inspire.

Even if you have to do it from a dark basement at first. 

Never give up on trying to leave a legacy. 

That is your only task.

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