My name is Marek and I was born in a small town in eastern Slovakia. From a young age I was always fascinated with people who accomplished incredible things in life. People who overcame terrible odds and developed themselves into inspirational figures that millions look up to. I spent many nights in front of the computer reading biographies and autobiographies of people who I looked up to trying to figure out how they did it. How they were able to take what most consider to be impossible and make it a reality. 


After figuring out the secret I decided to make it my mission to pick people up from the darkest parts of life and try my best to show them the light...show them the true secret to a happy and fulfilled existence. 


Whether you're looking to be mega successful or simply live a happy life. Im honored to have you here and would like to be the first person to tell you that its not impossible, its not far fetched and you are not crazy for trying to live your dream life. Its actually one of the most noble things you can ever do! Now let's get to work!