Dream Bigger Fail Better

Dream Bigger Fail Better is something I've been telling myself since I've start this journey. Dream Bigger Fail Better I believe, is the answer to everything you've been searching for.

The human soul needs to be constantly stimulated. Stimulated by the things that get you excited, the things that give you hope or simply by the things you love doing. 

The leading cause of unhappiness and depression is being stagnant within your own self development. If you focus all your time and energy on a job or on people who don't positively stimulate your soul you will loose your way. You will become unhappy and all the while blame everything else for your misery.

Dream Bigger Fail Better is what will save you. 

If you keep dreaming even after you've failed a thousand times you will eventually fail less and less. Failing will eventually feel like a learning process instead of a downfall. How else are you supposed to learn if you don't fail?

How do you keep yourself going?

You keep dreaming. Even after you've reached your initial goals. 

Because even if you've already made that million dollars and now all you want to do is sit on a beach and not do anything for the rest of your life. 

Trust me....

As pleasant as that may seem at first thought. I promise you even with unlimited money you would eventually become unhappy if you don't keep stimulating your soul.

Your goals may change.

Your vision may change.

But don't ever stop reaching as high as you can.

That will keep you going until your final breath.


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