Happiness Is Not What You Think

People constantly ask me how I'm always so happy. 

Truth is...I'm not always happy.

And that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I believe that I see happiness in a much different way than most people and that's why I'm able to not let "unhappiness" affect me as much.

I don't think we are meant to "always" feel happy and that's where most people start to feel lost.

You think you should be smiling and happy at every moment of everyday but that can't possibly be true.

Life will throw obstacles at you at any given moment.

The anxiety, stress and discomfort we feel from these events teaches us some of the most valuable lessons about ourselves.

Without unhappiness we would never be able to appreciate the moments when we feel happy.

And that's really what happiness is...it's just moments.

So learn to appreciate those moments and just stay calm when unhappiness casts a cloud over your life. 

Because the sunshine always comes back out and it'll feel so good on your skin after all that rain.

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