Keep Dreaming

Keep dreaming (said sarcastically) is something I feel like I've been told my entire life. Whenever I would share my wild dreams and visions with others they would instantly kill any spark I had towards that. But I kept dreaming. 

My family was always very old fashioned when it came to certain things. As far as I know there has yet to be a creative mind in my family. Everyone was conditioned to believe you just have to find a good job with good benefits and a good salary and you'd live a happy life. 

I kept dreaming though...

I had this constant itch...

I knew there had to be more to this life...

From manual labor, to sales, to job made me happy. I couldn't just sit there everyday working to make someone else's dream a reality when I had visions of my own eating away at me every minute of every day.

Im convinced if I ever settled I would most definitely loose my mind. 

I would loose everything that I am to the system. 

The system that only wants to control you. 

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