One of the more frequent comments I get from young people is "I don't have any friends" or "Nobody likes me".

Let me be one of the first to tell you...

You don't need anyone.

If they won't listen when you talk...then stop talking. 

If they won't reply to your messages or calls then stop messaging and calling. 

You may think you need these people in your life to fill some void that will make you happy but that won't happen.

Your happiness is only found within yourself.

Understand that happiness comes through disciplining yourself in the pursuit of a greater purpose. 

You can have a million friends who act like they love and adore you but if you don't love yourself and what you stand for only emptiness can follow.

Although I understand what it feels like to be young and have that desire to be popular to have tons of friends...that was never me. 

I never belonged to any group of friends.

I would often tag along with people to fill a social void but I always felt like a lone wolf.

In large groups of people id often prefer to just sit back and observe everyone else.

I was never the loudest person in the room. 

And as much as most people dread this sort of "lone wolf" existence I feel its crucial to moulding a powerful character.

If you really think about it.

To be a powerful force you have to be one of a kind.

You have to be unique and come up with unheard of ideas or ways of doing things. 

But if you just keep surrounding yourself with crowds you will eventually blend into the crowd and be just like everyone else.

So just be YOU.

Understand that's all you need to achieve everything you want in life. 

Eventually the right people will gravitate and you won't ever have to worry about being ignored or unappreciated.

So just be YOU.

And if people around you don't appreciate or support you then I think its time that you stop answering phone calls and text messages.

Instead get out there and show people all the amazing things you're capable of.

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That’s so true.

Renate Alexandra Haug Gran

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