Why I do What I do

People often ask me why I do what I do. Why did I start making motivational videos? How did I become so positive? How did I realize that this is what I wanted to do?

The answer to all these questions came from years of being unhappy.  

Years of thinking that this life has nothing to offer except being used and then buried only to be forgotten.

As if you never even existed?

When Id get asked what is my biggest fear in life. My answer was almost always:

"My biggest fear is being normal".

Id look at all my friends. Going to work, hanging out, sitting at bars, starting families and it was the furthest thing from what I wanted. None of that made me excited.

None of it made me want to continue living. 

I needed more. 

It wasn't until I basically hit rock bottom and realized that I'm normal. 

I have become what I was most afraid of becoming.

I had a good job.

I had a beautiful partner.

I was good looking and in semi good shape. 

In the eyes of everyone else I probably looked like the happiest man on earth. 

But deep down I was miserable. I wanted nothing to do with this so called life, with these so called friends. 

So I ran. 

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