One thing that kept me from chasing my dreams is the constant fear of "What if it never works out" "What if I don't make it" "It sounds impossible".

Let me be the first to tell you...if it sounds impossible...thats exactly what you should be going after.

Go after the impossible. Go after what scares you. Go after that one thing that's been eating away at you all these years.

Because you know what? It is possible.

The end result will change.

You probably won't end up with the exact results you are currently envisioning. 

But you will make it. 

I promise you with everything in me that you will make it.

How am I so sure you may ask?


I know for sure that giving up, settling or just staying comfortable will only lead to a mundane life.

Where you will probably have to spend a large portion of your time doing things you don't want to do.

Doing things you don't care for.

Hanging around people that don't share the same interests as you.

You will shrink into an inferior version of yourself.

Into a version that is lost in the matrix...just waiting for it all to end.


I know that my words won't do anything for you.

When I was in the slums there is nothing anyone could have said that would make me actually get up and go do what I was supposed to do.

You have to find that energy and drive within yourself.

You have to get to that breaking point where you're so sick and tired of your current situation that change is the only option.

And just go get whatever it is that you yearn for.

No more wasting time. No more excuses. Lock and Load baby, it's time to find your happiness.


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